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Conditions the skin so that the hair comes out easily. This makes your treatment less painful!

Formulated to repair, refresh and rejuvenate skin.

Great for treating ingrown hair and skin issues. Can be used on scalp.

100% non-irritating, vegan and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin by men, women and children.

Replenishes moisture, calms irritation and softens skin cells to help relieve ingrown hairs.

Cuticle treatment and helps to smooth out stretch marks and scars.

How to Use:

Use Every Day! - Massage a small amount into your finger tips until it turns into an oil and then apply to the skin. (after skin is conditioned, you can scale back to once a week) Can be used everywhere.

Phenomen-all 1oz

  • How to Use

    • Massage a small amount in your fingertips. Once it changes to the consistency of oil, apply to the skin.
    • Ingrown Spot Treat:  Press a small amount of liquified product onto the ingrown. Hold your finger there for a few seconds to produce heat.  This will help to soften skin, so that the ingrown hair can come through.
    • At least 2X daily until your skin is conditioned. You can then scale back once you achieve desired results.
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